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iLevil Sport

Proudly Made in Florida, USA

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Get peace of mind on every flight!

The iLevil Sport is a portable tool that combines the latest in AHRS, GPS technology, and data recording for every pilot. Compatible with both iOS and Android, this friendly user device can connect with a wide variety of apps in the market.

What makes the iLevil Sport Special?

  • High-performance AHRS and solid-state technology
  • Records flight data with SD card
  • Small and lightweight
  • Roll, Pitch, Magnetic Heading, Rate of turn, inclination, and G meter output
  • A Wi-Fi access point (enables up to 6 devices connected to the same iLevil)
  • Integrated solar panels to recharge the batteries over time or extend the standard 8–hours to 12 hours on a bright sunny day
  • 3-exis gyro, accelerometers, and magnetometers professionally calibrated for aviation-grade performance
  • Micro USB communication for remote firmware updates, data transfer, and battery charging
  • Automatic ON/OFF operations though 3.5 mm audio jack using 5V
  • IN/OUT serial communication (allows data transfer to/from other hardware inside the cockpit, i.e. ADS-B receivers)


Product Highlights:

Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
High-performance AHRS. Each Astro link is meticulously calibrated to for optimal performance even during aerobatics. The AHRS data refreshed at 14 frames per second, the max rate of turn is 500 deg/sec and attitude is completely independent of GPS.

Global Positioning System (GPS)
Integrated WAAS GPS with a built-in antenna that allows precise navigation using any of your favorite apps. The Astro Link GPS signal eliminates GPS dropouts resulting from using other devices.

Data Recording
The iLevil 3 SW features the ability to record data and save all of your flight information. This information can be saved in multiples formats such as .FDR, .GPX, .CSV. Using these three formats data can be used to recreate a flight on flight simulator programs or applications, to be view on google earth, or the data can be displayed on excel and used to create graphs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get weather information? No, you would need the Astro Link, iLevil 3 SW, AW, or the BOM to have weather information.

Can I store my flight data? All flights are stored inside an SD card which you can access anytime to replay, review, analyze, and share. Recording features are also useful for flight schools. It features 3 serial ports can be used for data transfer between tablets and other avionics in the cockpit. The new Data Recording features allow you to insert an SD card and record all of your flight data such as position, airspeed, altitude, etc. and displays the information on various platforms.

What's the battery life? The unit runs as long as it's plugged in to the aircraft. It also has a back-up battery that lasts 12 hours and charges via USB.

What's the weight and dimension? It weights 5oz (141g) with dimensions of 3.2" x4.2" x1.1" (8x11x3 cm).

Can I connect it to more than 1 device? Yes, the iLevil Sport can be connected to as many as 6 devices simultaneously, providing redundancy and almost limitless panel display options.

What's inside the box? Wireless iLevil 3 Sport device, USB to mini USB cable, ADS-B antenna, Silicone stoppers, Protective bag, SD card. You can watch this unboxing video for more information.


Shipping Time

Due to the global shortage off microprocessors, we must now extend our lead times to 4-6 weeks. We strongly encourage customers to continue to place orders as we will be fulfilling them on a first come first serve basis as microprocessors become available, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate your patience in the unprecedented event.

Shipping Zones

We ship to North America & Europe. If you're outside of these territories, click here to visit our distributor page.

Returns & Warranty

We're certain that you'll love our products! or we're happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days after you receive your unit. Your unit is also warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase. Click here to register your warranty.

FAA Approvals

The BOM and the iLevil 3 AW are FAA NORSEE approved.

The Astro Link is a backup portable device; therefore, it doesn't need FAA approval.

The iLevil AP is only intended for experimental and light-sport aircraft. If you fly a certified aircraft, we recommend our FAA NORSEE Approved iLevil 3 AW or the BOM.

You may only use our devices as a backup system on IFR and VFR conditions on Certified Aircraft and as a primary VFR on experimental and light-sport.

iOS & Android Compatibility

Our products are fully compatible with iOS devices. The android compatibility is currently on beta and it's limited to some devices and not all features are supported. For updated information in regards to Android compatibility please reach out to

Support & Manuals

Click here to access all of our manuals and installation guides.

Contact Support

Phone: 1-407-542-3971
Address: 1704 Kennedy Point Suite 1124. Oviedo, FL
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Eastern

Customer Reviews

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Anna Chernova
Great hardware - UI not so great

I am very happy with the unit. Size and mounting is very easy, casing is of good quality and there are ample interfaces to access the data (wifi,usb,serial port). Charges well and battery lasts well. SD card is great for logging data. I am fairly unhappy with 2 items though: User Interface and manual. Despite claiming to be supporting Android devices, it does not really work. I ended up buying an Ipad mini, which cost me more than the unit itself in the end. The interface seems to work on the Ipad, but even then there are some design issues with the UI. Maybe I am using the wrong version app - not sure - but there seems to be no confirmation on various buttons, like compass calibration and saving the calibration data. I still have not been able to calibrate the compass properly. The manual does not seem to match the software and does not give a clear explanation of how to set up the device. It is possible that I just needed more coffee and are doing something stupid, but so far I have found the UI not very user friendly. As for the main display showing the Artificial Horizon and virtual guages - those are very good and easy to use. I will be contacting support for more info on setting up my device properly before I order subsequent units. Thanks, Louis.