AHRS G-micro

Levil Aviation

The AHRS-G micro is a standalone, embedded attitude and heading reference system. With its small form factor and low power consumption, the AHRS-G micro is perfect for portable or panel-mounted devices such as navigation displays that integrate flight instrumentation (i.e attitude indicators, multi-function displays). This inertial measurement unit is also being used in non-aviation related fields to provide leveling references and rate of turns for other equipment. Like all our products, every G-micro undergoes a strict calibration process before leaving the manufacturer for reliable operation at different temperature levels and vibration frequencies. In the simplest configuration, the hardware requires only three connections (PWR, TX, GND).The module can also be powered and data accessed through the micro-USB port for easy troubleshooting.


If your project requires special needs or data output, we can customize anything from footprint, connectors and output rate, etc. The G-micro uses the latest in MEMs technology and we guarantee the best performance for the lowest price. Give as call for bulk-pricing.