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Upgrade from an iLevil 3 AW to iLevil AP
Upgrade from an iLevil 3 AW to iLevil AP
Upgrade from an iLevil 3 AW to iLevil AP
Upgrade from an iLevil 3 AW to iLevil AP
Upgrade from an iLevil 3 AW to iLevil AP
Upgrade from an iLevil 3 AW to iLevil AP
Upgrade from an iLevil 3 AW to iLevil AP

Upgrade from an iLevil 3 AW to iLevil AP

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Your new cost-effective auto-pilot solution!

A game-changer for all light-sport and experimental aircraft. Fly stress-free with one of the most affordable and easy-to-install autopilots available in the market today. Heavy servos are a thing of the past, our lightweight design uses trim-tab technology to control pitch and roll from your smartphone or tablet in addition to all your avionics.

Get ready to engage, sit back, and navigate with these auto-pilot features!

  • Heading Mode. It uses the internal compass and GPS to hold a heading

  • Altitude Mode. It climbs to, descends to, or holds an altitude

  • Vertical speed indicator

  • Turn and slip indicator

  • Flight Plan Steering. It follows a flight plan by using an external navigation app, such as iFlyGPS (more to come in the future)

  • HOLD. It will automatically keep the airplane flying at the current heading and altitude

  • Auto Envelope Protection. When the autopilot is off, trim tabs are still active. The system will correct for excessive or unwanted pilot inputs beyond a roll or pitch limit

  • Auto Trim. Since the system works with trim tabs, auto trim is built-in to the autopilot. No additional installation is required. The airplane will always be in trim following autopilot disconnect

Plus you get all of the wireless avionics that you know and love!

  • Dynamic and static port for indicated airspeed and altitude


  • High-performance AHRS and solid-state technology (Capable of driving synthetic vision displays)

  • ADS-B receiver for weather and traffic

  • GRT EIS Engine Monitor Connectivity

  • Records flight data with SD card 

  • 360-degree compass rose heading indicator that displays magnetic track or magnetic heading (magnetic heading accuracy depends on instrument installation)

  • Heading Bug

Exclusive Taking Off Interview

Your ideal all-in-one wireless avionics solution now with auto-pilot!

  • Portable or permanently mounted instrument

  • Small and lightweight. The entire system weighs less than 1 lb. Including the RC servos, trim tabs, and iLevil sensor box

  • Compatible with iPad or iPhone devices as a touch screen display

What are others already saying about the iLevil AP?

What makes the iLevil AP experience one of a kind?

The Future of Flying is in the present! You’ll be able to control your airplane straight from your smartphone or tablet using trim tab technology. We partnered up with Aircraft Automation to develop the most revolutionary, easy-to-install autopilot.

A piece of mind on every flight using trim tab technology! This is a safe way to control your airplane since it is not locked to your control system, and it can be easily overridden by applying a minor force to the desired heading.

Download our Levil Aviation App to control altitude, heading, VSI, and navigate with your flight plan by pairing it with a navigation app of choice (iFlyGPS for iOS and Android, Naviator for Android).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know the correct elevator (pitch) and aileron (roll) trim tab size?

Your trim tab size will mainly depend on the speed of the airplane. The higher the average cruise speed the smaller the trim tabs need to be. The aileron and elevator will usually have different sizes of trim tabs. Recommendation: for experimental airplanes 2000 lbs. gross weight or less, choose your trim tab depending on the average cruise speed. The design calls for the trim tabs to have enough authority to fly the aircraft so long as the pilot can easily override them. The sizes that are available are:

Extra Small: 8” x 1.4”
Small: 11.8” x 1.4”
Medium: 11.8” x 2”

40-100 KIAS: Medium trim tab
90-160 KIAS: Small trim tab
160 KIAS or more: Small trim tab cut to 8” length.

Small: 11.8” x 1.4”
Medium: 11.8” x 2”
Large: 12.8” x 3”

40-100 KIAS: Large trim tab
90-160 KIAS: Medium trim tab
160 KIAS or more: Small trim tab

You can watch this video for more information in regards to the installation process.

  • How do I know the correct servo type?

There are two servo systems available. Both systems can be adhered, riveted, or screwed onto the trim tab itself or anywhere on the flying surfaces.

Standard Servo: the standard servo is very light, it is encased in a very slim shell. They are splashproof and very suitable for fast airplanes.

Dimensions: 2 3/8” W x 3 ½” L x 15/32” H ( 60mm W x 89mm L x 11.9mm H)
Weight: 1.8oz (51 grams.)

Waterproof Servo ($45 extra per servo): our waterproof servos (IP-67) are not as slim and are also a little heavier than the standard servos. These are generally used in slower amphibians where servo weight is not an issue when balancing flying surfaces.

Dimensions: 2 3/8” W x 3 ½” L x 15/32” H ( 60mm W x 89mm L x 11.9mm H)
Weight: 3.0 oz (85 grams.)

  • How do I know the correct trim tab installation type?

There are basically three ways that you can install the trim tab onto your flying surface. It can be adhered, riveted on a flat aluminum aileron or elevator, or rivet to a fabric airplane.

Adhering to your trim tab: A carbon fiber with a riveted plate as well as double-sided tape will be supplied for this purpose. Just clean the surface, peel the backing, and adhere the trim tab to the trailing edge of the aileron/elevator.

Riveting to an aluminum aileron/elevator: A predrilled hinge and 3/32” rivets are provided for this purpose. Pop rivets are used to install the hinge onto the elevator or aileron.

Riveting to a tube for fabric airplanes: A fabric airplane will not usually have a flat surface to adhere or rivet the hinge. A predrilled curved hinge and 3/32” rivets are provided for this purpose. Pop rivets are used to install the hinge to the tube.

  • How do I know the correct servo installation type?

The servo case with servo can be adhered, riveted, or screwed on any surface. We must know, however, if the servo is going to be installed on the trim tab itself or at a remote location on the aileron or elevator.

On trim tab: A standard pushrod is shipped.

Remote installation: A 12” long with a carbon fiber reinforcement is shipped. You will have to cut the pushrod to the correct size and do the Z bend.

  • Does the iLevil AP have a warranty?

Yes, your unit is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase.

  • What apps is the iLevil AP compatible with?

The iLevil AP is compatible with our Levil Aviation App (free of subscription). However, other functions can be used with iFly GPS, Aerovie, iEfis, EasyVFR, Fltplan, FlyWise Efis, iFlyPlanner, Naviator, Sky-Map, Xavion, ForeFlight, Avare, WingX Pro, Skydemon, Air Navigation Pro, FlyQ, and many more! (Some apps have limited capabilities and compatibilities)

  • Can I use my navigation app with the Levil Aviation App at the same time?

Yes, you can use the Levil Aviation app simultaneously while using navigation tools such as Foreflight, iFlyGPS, WingX Pro, and many more side by side. For a more in-depth explanation watch the video below.

  • How much speed can the iLevil AP handle?

It all depends on how well the Aileron/elevator is balanced and the size of the trim used. The standard trim tab kit provided on the website is ideal for airplanes cruising at speeds within 100 and 180 kts. For aircraft outside these cruising speeds, please email Aircraft Automation for custom trim tabs (info@aircraftautomation.com)

  • Can I mount the iLevil AP on a certified aircraft?

No, the iLevil AP is only intended for experimental and light-sport aircraft. If you fly a certified aircraft, we recommend our FAA NORSEE Approved iLevil 3 AW or the BOM.

  • Can I get weather information?

The iLevil AP has real-time weather and traffic with an optimal high-quality ADS-B receiver. It also maximizes reception while maintaining low power consumption. There is no need for remote antennas. It captures the weather and traffic information even where other devices won't reach it. Satellite weather is not available.

  • Can I store my flight data?

All flights are stored inside an SD card which you can access anytime to replay, review, analyze, and share. Recording features are also useful for flight schools. It features 3 serial ports that can be used for data transfer between tablets and other avionics in the cockpit. The new Data Recording features allow you to insert an SD card and record all of your flight data such as position, airspeed, altitude, etc. and display the information on various platforms.

  • What's the battery life?

The unit runs as long as it's plugged into the aircraft. It also has a backup battery that lasts 5.5 hours and charges via USB.

  • What's the iLevil AP weight and dimension?

The iLevil AP sensor box weighs 11oz (311g) with dimensions of 3.2" x5" x1.1" (8x12x3 cm). Each individual Trim kit (including servo) weighs 5.3oz (150g). The dimensions of 1 trim tab is 12 "long, the moving part is 2" wide, and the servo placement is 4 "wide. The thickness of the carbon fiber blade is 0.04".

  • Is it easy to install?

Yes, the iLevil AP facilitates installation with remote GPS and ADS-B antennas, and power inputs for 12V to 28V systems. Compatible with a wide range of apps, tablets, and mobile devices, the AP is the ideal all-in-one solution for a wide variety of aircraft where weight, space, and cost are important. Trim tabs and servos can be bolted or riveted to the aileron and elevator, but the best option is to use industrial-strength waterproof adhesives, no holes need to be drilled. CONTROLLED SURFACES SHOULD BE RE-BALANCED TO AVOID FLUTTER. The Trim-tab kit includes a wiring harness that connects to the iLevil AP and provides power to the servos. For a more in-depth explanation watch the video below from our trim tab partner, Aircraft Automation.

  • Can I connect it to more than 1 device?

Yes, the iLevil AP can be connected to as many as 7 devices simultaneously, providing redundancy and almost limitless panel display options.

  • Can I follow a flight plan navigation?

Yes, you can do flight following using the iFly GPS App on iOS (other apps will be coming soon for this specific flight plan feature).

  • Can I use it in IFR conditions?

No, the iLevil AP is not to be used in IFR conditions.

  • Can I connect it to other navigation devices?

Yes, you can connect the iLevil AP to other navigation devices like Garmin GTN-650 or 750 and others alike using RS 232 aviation data or NMEA $GPRMB autopilot string.

  • Is it easy to override? 

Yes, you can easily override the iLevil AP and the trim tabs with your joystick since there aren’t mechanical links with your flight controls. Control links and cables are always free to move. You don’t need to use additional friction since there are no conventional servos installed. No external Autotrim is necessary.

  • What happens if I want to disconnect the autopilot?

Since the system works with trim tabs, auto-trim is built into the iLevil AP. No additional installation is required. The airplane will always be in trim following autopilot disconnection.

  • What happens when the auto-pilot is off?

When the autopilot is off, the trim tabs are still active. The system will correct for excessive or unwanted pilot inputs beyond a roll or pitch limit.

  • How many patterns can the iLevil AP fly?

It will automatically keep the aircraft flying in a holding pattern (the hold entries are automatically calculated). The autopilot will fly an indefinite number of patterns until canceled.

  • Where can I purchase the trim tab set?

You can select the iLevil AP bundle during checkout to include a trim tab set to your purchase.

  • What’s inside the iLevil AP box?

It includes the wireless iLevil AP device with Auto-Pilot capabilities, USB to Mini USB cable, GPS Antenna, ADS-B antenna, DB15 male connector, User Manual, SD card. You can check out this unboxing experience by Thermalbug for more information.

  • What’s inside the Trim Tap box?

It includes everything from the iLevil AP box plus the wire harness (to connect to the iLevil AP), roll servo 15’ extension, pitch servo 15’ extension, and trim tab servo assemblies.

  • Can I upgrade to an iLevil AP if I already own an iLevil AW?

Yes, please contact info@levil.com if you wish to upgrade from an iLevil AW to an iLevil AP.

  • Do you have manuals available?

Yes, click here to read our AP installation manual and click here to read our AP Pilot's Guide.

We're certain that you'll love the iLevil AP! or we're happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days after you receive your unit.

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